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Learn the the risks and dangers of Hypertension and what you can do to prevent it.

Added by Brittany on 06/03/2012     |     Views 571     |     Rating:  

Is Your Headache A Warning Sign?

Did you know that your headache could signal a serious problem? A minor headache is probably no cause for concern, but headaches can be serious.So how can you tell the difference?

Added by Amanda Jackson on 06/03/2012     |     Views 924     |     Rating:  

New Radical Treatment for Neck and Shoulder Pain and Stiffness!

New Radical Treatment for Neck and Shoulder Pain and Stiffness!

Added by Michelle Mangio on 06/01/2012     |     Views 1001     |     Rating:  

What’s That Chest Pain?

Heart problems are not the only thing we should watch out for when experiencing chest pain.

Added by Alex on 06/01/2012     |     Views 519     |     Rating:  

2 steps to becoming a better communicator

Becoming a better communicator and listener in the workplace.

Added by Robert on 05/30/2012     |     Views 947     |     Rating:  

Secrets to Neck Pain Relief

Secrets to Neck Pain Relief

Added by Michelle Mangio on 05/30/2012     |     Views 624     |     Rating:  

Truth or Consequences

the article contains a formula you can use to help you deal with the real you in a clinic setting

Added by david hawkins on 05/29/2012     |     Views 543     |     Rating:  

"Where Do They Get All That Energy From?"

How often do you spend your days tired and feeling exhausted? Do you ever feel sluggish after a meal and just want to sleep? Everyone wants more energy.

Added by Alex on 05/17/2012     |     Views 988     |     Rating:  

How to Reduce Hip, Back, and Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy

Hip pain, back pain and pelvic pain are a normal part of pregnancy. For some pregnant women these pains are a minor annoyance but for others they can interfere with life on a daily basis.

Added by Amanda Jackson on 05/17/2012     |     Views 614     |     Rating:  

Benefits of Blogging: Am I MISSING OUT?

Are you missing out? YES! In today’s economy, you can NOT afford to ignore using a blog to expand your online presence. Blogging is in fact a powerful tool to connect with potential patients.

Added by Marty Murley on 05/16/2012     |     Views 931     |     Rating:  

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