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Toes Are Important Too!

Why toes are important, the muscles that make them important, and a few types of common toe pain.

Added by Alex on 03/19/2012     |     Views 467     |     Rating:  

Spring into Action and Take Responsibility

Taking responsibility for yourself and for how your decisions effect you and the environment around you is a key factor in being successful not only in life but in your work towards physical healing.

Added by Brittany on 03/18/2012     |     Views 504     |     Rating:  

Can You Really Prevent an ACL Injury?

Can you really prevent an ACL Injury? Causal factors are discussed, and outcomes of ACL injury prevention programs are presented.

Added by Trevor on 03/15/2012     |     Views 698     |     Rating:  

Top 3 Reasons storefront window graphics can help your practice GROW

Storefront window graphics can help your business grow.

Added by Marty Murley on 03/13/2012     |     Views 566     |     Rating:  

Improve Your Website with Wordpress

Wordpress is growing in popularity for good reason. The ability to easily update website content has been a great tool for many business owners.

Added by Amanda Jackson on 03/13/2012     |     Views 967     |     Rating:  

10 Tips to Reduce Back Pain

10 simple tips are offered to help reduce back pain.

Added by Trevor on 03/12/2012     |     Views 1301     |     Rating:  

Has your loved one fallen victim to stroke?

Stroke is the third leading cause of death in the United States.

Added by Krystal Kinney on 03/12/2012     |     Views 1242     |     Rating:  

Over the Counter Medications: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

We all generally accept that we will all have to face pain in our lives at some time or another. We twist an ankle, maybe lift something we shouldn't have, miss a step or trip and fall and there it is.

Added by Trevor on 03/06/2012     |     Views 527     |     Rating:  

Activation Specialists guide to overcoming insecurity

It is a known fact that all of us one way or another struggle with something we don't feel totally adequate about. I believe this is the root in which all insecurities stem.

Added by Robert on 03/06/2012     |     Views 1772     |     Rating:  

strength within

For decades we have been told the importance of maintaining our fitness profile for business reasons, dating benefits or even just to feel good about our exterior appearance.

Added by david hawkins on 03/05/2012     |     Views 546     |     Rating:  

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