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Causes of Shoulder Pain and Popping

Causes and treatment of shoulder pain and popping including shoulder arthritis, shoulder impingement, rotator cuff tendinitis/tear, shoulder bursitis, and shoulder instability

Added by Mike on 06/04/2014     |     Views 1012     |     Rating:  

Make Momma Proud with Better Posture

A few simple stretches to reverse the slumped shoulders that happen when doing office work all day.

Added by Laurel on 02/13/2014     |     Views 1016     |     Rating:  

Is Office Work a pain in your Back? Hips? Neck

Read this quick article desribing how tight hips and sitting all day may effect your low back. Link to the full article for pictures of each exercise!

Added by Laurel on 02/05/2014     |     Views 973     |     Rating:  

Why paying cash for physical therapy services is best

Benefits of a direct payment model for physical therapy and healthcare is presented.

Added by Trevor on 12/15/2013     |     Views 791     |     Rating:  

What is F.A.S.T.?

A simple description and philosophy of the F.A.S.T. program.

Added by Trevor on 07/29/2013     |     Views 656     |     Rating:  

3 Things You MUST Know to Treat a Migraine Headache

Treating migraine headaches with PT

Added by Ryan on 05/20/2013     |     Views 761     |     Rating:  

Achilles Tendon Rupture

Description of achilles tendon rupture

Added by Robyn on 05/02/2013     |     Views 532     |     Rating:  

Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

Description of Total shoulder replacement and rehab following surgery

Added by Robyn on 05/02/2013     |     Views 946     |     Rating:  

Trimalleolar fracture: Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation and intervention of trimalleolar fracture

Added by Rod on 04/18/2013     |     Views 654     |     Rating:  

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