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Tips to Prevent Falls

Tips to prevent fall risk including physical activity and changing footwear.

Added by Alyse on 01/11/2013     |     Views 625     |     Rating:  

Effect of Golf Swing on your Rotator Cuff

Effects your golf swing has on the rotator cuff

Added by Rod on 01/10/2013     |     Views 478     |     Rating:  

Why Should I Stretch?

• Stretching can reduce your risk of injury, improve flexibility, and improve blood flow to your muscles. • Stretching should be performed before and after activity.

Added by Alyse on 01/08/2013     |     Views 546     |     Rating:  

Smoking: Its Toll on Bones

Smoking and it affects of bone healing

Added by Rod on 01/08/2013     |     Views 470     |     Rating:  

Torticollis in Infants

About: • Condition in which the head is tipped to one side and the chin is rotated towards the other. • Infants can be born with this condition due to positioning in the womb or injury to muscles

Added by Alyse on 01/07/2013     |     Views 565     |     Rating:  

What is plantar fasciitis?

What is causing that heel pain and is there something that can be done for it? Read on for your answers.

Added by Trevor on 01/05/2013     |     Views 618     |     Rating:  

Instant Back Pain Relief

Instant Back Pain Relief

Added by Michael on 12/26/2012     |     Views 556     |     Rating:  

Headaches & Computers

how computers can lead to headaches

Added by Karuna on 12/17/2012     |     Views 599     |     Rating:  

3 Causes of Low Back Pain

3 causes of low back pain

Added by Karuna on 12/17/2012     |     Views 628     |     Rating:  

Indications and Goals of an Ankle Foot Orthotic

AFO objectives and indications for use

Added by Rod on 12/07/2012     |     Views 460     |     Rating:  

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