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Kinesio Taping

Kinesio tape can be used to decrease pain and muscle fatigue, increase motion, facilitate or inhibit movement, and increase lymphatic flow. It can facilitate the natural healing process while providi

Added by Alyse on 12/06/2012     |     Views 576     |     Rating:  

Shoulder exercise 'posture'

Basics of shoulder position for initiating exercise

Added by Steven on 11/20/2012     |     Views 498     |     Rating:  

4 Controllable Risk Factors for Stroke

Added by Rod on 11/15/2012     |     Views 491     |     Rating:  

How to get amazing hair

It is not only a necessity for your outer and inner beauty, but it is also a necessity for finding the right partner and being a high self-esteem person. Getting an amazing hair should be your number

Added by Karina on 10/13/2012     |     Views 562     |     Rating:  

Beyond R.I.C.E. - What You Need To Know About Ankle Sprains

Even though the pain from most ankle sprains goes away within a few days, there can be longer lasting consequences if proper action is not taken. Learn how to get lasting solutions.

Added by Colette Seymann on 09/20/2012     |     Views 1048     |     Rating:  

What Everyone In Pain Should Know About Physical Therapy In San Diego

The Maitland-Australian Physical Therapy approach is a revolutionary method of treating pain and injuries of the neck, back, knees, hips, elbows, shoulders and other types of arm/leg pain.

Added by Colette Seymann on 09/09/2012     |     Views 517     |     Rating:  

Early Head Start: A Preventative/Corrective Program for Infants w/ Congenital Head/ ...

The Early Head Start program offers a simple solution for physicians and new parents, promoting healthy head and neck development, full cervical range of motion, strength, and body symmetry

Added by Yvette on 08/11/2012     |     Views 1052     |     Rating:  

What is Physical Therapy?

So what is Physical Therapy? What do patients need to know? Why do they need to know this?

Added by Alex on 07/24/2012     |     Views 530     |     Rating:  

Biomagnetic Therapy (Viewpoint of an Expert)

We start to live life in an environment provided by our parents or guardians where we learn about the fundamentals of living with people and learning about the wider world, as we grow into adults we l

Added by William on 07/24/2012     |     Views 576     |     Rating:  

How to manage your health this summer!

Summertime, one of the best times, but how do you plan to manage and maintain your health this simmer?

Added by Krystal Kinney on 07/18/2012     |     Views 972     |     Rating:  

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