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Importance of Breathing Properly

This articles helps the reader know the difference between proper and improper breathing. And to understand how it can help help you feel better body, mind and soul.

Added by Hana Kim on 07/16/2012     |     Views 1105     |     Rating:  

5 Core Exercises to Perform at Home

Core Exercises for Home

Added by Rod on 07/12/2012     |     Views 947     |     Rating:  

Top 3 reasons vehicle window graphics can get you RESULTS!

Vehicle window graphics is an great way to advertise. Basically, it is just a large vinyl decal that is designed and printed for your specific vehicle and applied to the outside of the rear window.

Added by Marty Murley on 07/09/2012     |     Views 899     |     Rating:  

Why Lumbar Extension Is Not The Best Choice For A Herniated Disc

Lumbar extension is still the treatment of choice for lumbar disc herniations, but should it be?

Added by Trevor on 07/09/2012     |     Views 629     |     Rating:  

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

This article briefly educates the reader of what carpal tunnel syndrome is and a few self-help tips to help.

Added by Hana Kim on 07/03/2012     |     Views 531     |     Rating:  

How To Keep Your Toddler Moving

Did you know that toddlers need exercise too? Often times, parents aren’t educated about exercise recommendations for toddlers. Find out what you should know about keeping your toddler active.

Added by Amanda Jackson on 07/03/2012     |     Views 958     |     Rating:  

The Power of a Smile

Smiling can have a more profound effect than you think...

Added by Alex on 07/03/2012     |     Views 533     |     Rating:  

Controlling stress in the work place

Stress in the workplace

Added by Robert on 07/02/2012     |     Views 1043     |     Rating:  

How important is managing your stress to you?

One in ten people you see at work, at the store, gym, or gas station and wherever you go in your daily life is over stressed at any given moment.

Added by Krystal Kinney on 06/26/2012     |     Views 1003     |     Rating:  

Do you Know Someone

Getting the right approach and moving forward with a positive intent of winning their heart before you ask for their hand will promote wholeness and joy in their recovery.

Added by david hawkins on 06/22/2012     |     Views 561     |     Rating:  

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