Pilates: What Exactly is it and How Can it Benefit You?

A regular Pilates practice is a great tool whether you want to get in shape, tone up, prevent injury, or simply be more healthy. What are you waiting for?

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New to Yoga Classes ? A Strong Foundation is Critical!

Looking to begin or improve your yoga practice? We offer personalized yoga classes that cater to all levels and set a strong foundation for your practice.

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ZUMBA Fitness Classes WITHOUT a Gym Membership!

No more crowds, intimidation, commitments, or monthly fees. ZUMBA Fitness classes that cater to every level at Sport and Spine Physical Therapy, New Tampa.

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Make Momma Proud with Better Posture

A few simple stretches to reverse the slumped shoulders that happen when doing office work all day.

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How to get amazing hair

It is not only a necessity for your outer and inner beauty, but it is also a necessity for finding the right partner and being a high self-esteem person. Getting an amazing hair should be your number

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