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Pilates: What Exactly is it and How Can it Benefit You?

A regular Pilates practice is a great tool whether you want to get in shape, tone up, prevent injury, or simply be more healthy. What are you waiting for?

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New to Yoga Classes ? A Strong Foundation is Critical!

Looking to begin or improve your yoga practice? We offer personalized yoga classes that cater to all levels and set a strong foundation for your practice.

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ZUMBA Fitness Classes WITHOUT a Gym Membership!

No more crowds, intimidation, commitments, or monthly fees. ZUMBA Fitness classes that cater to every level at Sport and Spine Physical Therapy, New Tampa.

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Importance of Breathing Properly

This articles helps the reader know the difference between proper and improper breathing. And to understand how it can help help you feel better body, mind and soul.

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Essential Components to a Successful Weight Loss Program

5 "must have's" in a successful weight loss program are presented in this article, as well as who is the best practitioner to help lose weight.

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