Pain Treatment; Home of the 15 Minute Pain Relief Challenge

Sound too good to be true? Try it-15 Mins or less, on ANYONE, ANYWHERE ON THE BODY with a revolutionary NATURAL PAIN TREATMENT $49 ($150 value) limited time

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ACL Injury Prevention Program Strategies

ACL prevention programs are numerous. How to implement them effectively is a common problem. This article discusses the problems of ACL tears, prevention programs, and ideas of how to implement them.

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Weight Lifting for Upcoming Sports Season

Instruction of proper lifting mechanics for upcoming high school and college sports seasons.

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Is Office Work a pain in your Back? Hips? Neck

Read this quick article desribing how tight hips and sitting all day may effect your low back. Link to the full article for pictures of each exercise!

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Did You Know Smoking Can Impact Your Physical Therapy

Review of the effects of smoking on tissue healing.

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