Why Submit an Article

The benefits of posting and sharing articles on TAW are great. Whether you are a solo therapist in private practice or belong to a large organization, here’s a list of how TAW can help you and your organization grow and succeed!

1. Easily educate physicians on the benefits of therapy and the most up-to-date treatments!
Use the high quality articles and content written by therapists from around the globe to educate physicians on the benefits of therapy. Use these compelling articles in your newsletter, brochure, website and more! It’s a sharing community so using other’s articles is encouraged!

2. Gain more NEW PATIENTS!
In today’s “information age”, consumers value good content. Teaching them something they don’t know is the quickest way to connecting with them and establishing trust. Most consumers do not know what “therapy” really is and how it can help them. Share articles on the benefits of therapy as well as “Common Causes of Ailments” and they’ll recognize you as a viable solution to their problems and pain. Use these compelling articles in your blog and or advertising campaigns and get more patients!

3. Google will rank your website higher!
To rank higher on search engines and Google, you MUST have BACK LINKS to your website. When you write an article here, with quality content, and add a link back to your website it dramatically increases your credibility with Google and other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. Many companies charge you upwards of $89-$700 to write articles and press releases just for this purpose. Here you get to do it for free but hurry, it’s for a limited-time only.

4. Build better relationships with your patients!
Staying connected with your patients through great information and articles is the BEST way to keep them engaged. Whether you give them Resource Sheets that teaches them something new at each and every visit, or offer handouts on the “Common Causes of Pain”, your patients will view you more credible and want to come back to you only!

5. Become a better therapist!
Therapy article world contains content written by some of the best therapists in the world. Whether you are trying to learn a new technique or more about a diagnosis, TAW can help you become a better therapist.

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